Topco Inc. manufactures & refurbishes wine barrel racks. Our goal is to make the finest quality product available. Our racks are offered in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to meet each of our customers’ individual requirements. All this coupled with competitive prices, excellent customer service and innovation, make it hard to top Topco.



sample2Topco Inc. brings innovation to the wine barrel rack industry with products such as the Topchock™ barrel saddle. This saddle eliminates the hard-to-coat wedge shape of other saddles along with the rust which inevitably forms. The new saddle is lighter and stronger as well, making racks easier to handle. The Topchock is our standard, but other saddle types are available at no extra cost. You can view wine barrel rack specifications here.



sample1We are the first company to take off on the idea of refurbishing used racks. This option saves you the extra cost of a new rack. Our way of making the old racks as good as new has a much better impact on our environment as well. Click here for more details.



Our purpose is to express our environmental awareness and save the customers money by recycling old and rusted wine barrel racks.

We continue to manufacture new wine barrels racks as well to meet supply and demand or our customers. All of our products are made with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

It is our goal to become the best wine barrel rack supplier to all wineries.

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Topco Logo Topco, Inc. Manufacture's new and refurbished barrel racks. We can also convert 2 barrel racks to 4 barrel. Seismic solution: TOPCAP. Contact 888.473.2005