New Barrel Racks

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Topco, Inc. manufactures new wine barrel racks.

We use stainless steel or carbon steel with a powder coat finish. You may choose from our standard specifications or make a special request. All racks are made with attention to details, such as quality of welds and powder coat application.

Consider it an investment.

Investing in new wine barrel racks offers wineries superior durability for long-lasting wine storage, while also enhancing the overall ambiance with pristine aesthetics. Additionally, these new racks provide improved functionality, optimizing workflow and organization for a more efficient winery operation.

Racks Have Saddles!?

Requesting new wine barrel racks allows for the option to choose which saddle type your barrels will be resting on. We recommend using the Topchock© to avoid early rust retardation around the inner welds.

Which barrel rack for you!

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Explore your color options!

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant possibilities! Discover our range of captivating color options for your perfect wine barrel rack.

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Your wine barrel racks, your way!


Below are links to our barrel rack size specifications, all about cradles, materials and your choice of powder coat colors. Request a Quote.


Innovative TopChock saddle. This design eliminates the powder coating difficulties found in other cradles. It is also stronger and lighter. Makes the rack more durable.


“Eastern” saddle. The original design commonly used before our innovation. Can be used on 2 barrel racks and many others.


“Western” saddle, common on 4 barrel racks. Creates a somewhat springy stack. Allows barrels to settle into place.


We differentiate ourselves from competitors by employing thicker steel, maintaining a standard of 0.065 range or higher tolerance for enhanced durability. Our saddles also feature thicker flat bars, further reinforcing their strength and reliability.

Bouchaine Vineyards


Stainless steel wine barrel racks are superior in quality due to their exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and durability even in demanding environments.


We offer a wide range of powder coat colors.