Saddle Type

What is your saddle type? There are three different options.


Innovative TopChock saddle. This design eliminates the powder coating difficulties found in other saddles. It is also stronger and lighter. Makes the rack more durable.


“Eastern” saddle. The original design commonly used before our innovation. Can be used on 2 barrel racks and many others.


“Western” saddle, common on 4 barrel racks. Creates a somewhat springy stack. Allows barrels to settle into place.

We highly recommend utilizing the TopChock for your barrel racks. Its powder coat facilitates superior access to the inner joint structure, resulting in a longer-lasting rack that is more resistant to rust development. Furthermore, the TopChock’s structural design offers enhanced support. As the standard configuration, we provide this option, along with the stainless steel variant.

All three saddle types are available at no change in cost.

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