Barrel Racks

Topco, Inc. is the leading barrel rack manufacturing company in the wine industry. Our new focus on recycling your old rusted barrel racks is what brings us to the top.

We provide 3 basic products/services:

New Racks

Remanufactured Racks

Refurbished Racks


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Topco, Inc. manufactures new wine barrel racks using carbon steel. A stainless steel option is also available. You may choose from our standard specifications or make a special request. All racks are made with attention to details, such as quality of welds and powder coat application.

New wine barrel racks may be completed in a variety of standard (in stock) powder coat colors. Special colors may be ordered, however, delivery time of your wine barrel racks may be delayed due to the individual request.

Ordering new wine barrel racks allows for the option to choose which saddle type your barrels will be resting on. We recommend using the Topchock© to avoid early rust retardation around the inner welds. To learn more about saddle types, please click here.


Convert WR2 (2 Barrel Rack) to WR4 (4 Barrel Rack) 

As part of our recycling program we can convert your old two barrel racks to four barrel racks. These wine barrel racks are made at a lower cost than those of completely new ones and of equal quality. You will not be able to identify the difference. Just ship your old racks to us and we will take care of the rest.

Convert 1 Bar to 2 Bars

It has been discovered that double bar racks are stronger than single bar racks. By converting your wine barrel racks, you will increase the quality and safety of your wine cellar. This option allows you to save money and keeps you from building a “bone-yard.” Call us to learn what we can do for you.


When Topco Inc. began producing barrel racks for wineries in 1997, it was evident that these barrel racks had a limited service life, primarily due to rust degradation. Although they were finished with high-quality powder coat, intrusions caused by denting or abrasion allowed metal exposure to the generally corrosive winery environment. Typically, after five to seven years of service, many barrel racks are unfit for continued service. In addition, it was known that many wineries had extensive “bone yards” of damaged or obsolete barrel racks which were rusting to perfection. Since then, Topco Inc. has searched for a solution. And now we are pleased to announce that one has been found.

Topco, Inc.